Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bring Me Back

I see, I breathe, I feel
I try to swallow History into me
So that I could vomit Reality
and my lost Identity
So bring me back, way back,
Back to the time when
My warriors grace the world new
Powerful and proud people, I could see,
No fear, oh no, never for,
They see, they breathe and they feel,
No anxiety to sweat them up
Oh no, just simplicity that trancends
Filthy complexity in their blood
Running deeply and smoothly
So bring me back, way back,
Back to the Hours when
My people rule and set their souls free
Free from enmity, oh no,
But straight into vast Felicity!
For they continue to see, to breathe, to feel
So bring me back to me Beloved
To whom I was born to seek
So I could escape and be free, oh so free
Engulfed in my now concrete Identity
Humbly proud to be free in the light of Thee
So I could lay back
and continue the life in me
For I have finally,
Saw breathed, damn, I felt!