Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Dance

Intricate movements
that connect the souls
through rhythmic touching

(And I watch as they dance)

Entwined in silent pleasure
where the senses took over
and for once
They move in one heart beat

No lust,
Passion laced with Simplicity

The dance
that portrays an evolution of Love
mimick my need of him
and his need of me
though reality tends to hurt

(Still I watch as they dance)

As they move against Time
and leaned to the music of the heart

(Still - as they dance)

Emotions building to a tense
Up into a mystic high
No words uttered
None needed to be uttered

They dance in truth
of what he and I feel

(--As they dance)

Then for that one moment
He sighed
and it dawned upon me
They shall dance no more

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