Monday, November 14, 2005

Dialogue In 3 Tongues (Revised)

This spoken word piece was performed around a year ago by my good friend Israr and I, accompanied by an instrumental neo soul track entitled "The Suite Theme" by Maxwell. It is a spiritual and sensual poem that was conducted in 3 different languages namely English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Arabic. 

I know you
I believe in you
I remember the first time 
we met

It was the day 
when I made a promise to You
A promise that I would soon forget 
and break endlessly

Yet I 
refuse to let You go
because You're my all
because You're my soul

Now they may ask 
what is my all
what is my soul

allow me to tell you 
in His very own tongues:

Engkaulah segala-galanya bagiku
Engkaulah hidupku,darahku, 
dan Engkaulah nafas suci yang 
kembalikan aku dari mati
dan Engkaulah milikku yang abadi
buat kini dan selama-lamanya

I would be a fool to lose 
the only One whom I know:

Anta Kullu Syai-in bin nisbatili
Anta hayyati 
Anta dammi
Anta dunyaya
Anta nafassi allazi ahyabihi wa anta li lil'abad
Anta li kulli syai-in wa ayyu syai-in 
wa ana bidunika la syai-un 
fi hadhiri 
wa mustakbali 

So that's the reason why
I refuse to let You go
So please dont let me go

Didn't they say
that as long as we are together

Your music will keep on playing
and they say that my music 
will keep us playing
going on and on: