Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Love Bigger Than Hate

I love you
It'll be a complete lie to say that I don't

I love you enough
to fear losing you
to fear that maybe (just maybe) you're the one
who could love me for who I am
rather than what most people tend to see

I love you enough
to wait patiently when waiting has never been on top of my list
but the bottom of it instead

I love you enough
to forgive your shortcomings that came repeatedly
coz I believe that flaws are veils of your perfections
maybe I am blind
but I pray that this blindness opens the sight of my heart

I love you enough
to love you more than I hate you
it may sound dumb to most ears
but how I could I love you
if I dont hate you for not seeing
just how fucking much I love you