Saturday, November 12, 2005

Martyrs Never End

How can one speak
When the lips are chained to the ground
But with with The Faith that rises up to the sky?

How can one see
When the eyes are blurred by tears of agony
But with strength that steadfasts 'til they die?

Beautiful laments intoxicates the red air
By heartbroken mothers of martyrs never end
Torned by the lost of laughters ones' dear
Firmed by the Belief as old as desert's sand

Blood will dirty the soles of your broken feet
Blood thirsty monsters will break your bones
But beauty will remain in the eyes of your seed
But innocence will strike the fear with cluttered stones

So rise up and never give up!
For He never forsakes your prayers and cries
taste the wind with tea dried cup
Know that His promises are safe from lies

Kiss the lips of your beloved one
Have no fear in the enemies that breathe in hatred
Go forth amidst the moon and the sun
For your soul will rest in peace as it was intended