Saturday, November 12, 2005


We've gone through shit
no need to deny it
or keep it
in the rarest spot of our amnesia sunshine

For they come and go
like hated guests who dont say thanks
but what would love be
without some much needed pain?

I've hated you
for lying to me consistently
for pushing me away
for fear of hurting me

And I've learnt to forgive despite of my unsaid hatred
coz to forgive is divine
and so I forgave your errs
and kept your love as mine

You may not be perfect but you're beautiful in my eyes
the way you smile mischievously
or cackled like a wild mongoose
at the oddest of times

Though it may be irritating at times
my heart would still turn to dust if I cant have you
and all your much known imperfections
for they make me perfect even if its only for a glance in time.