Saturday, November 12, 2005

Though Although Eventhough

A mistake bound to twist and turn
An accident destined to happen
Though when you look into my eyes
What we share somewhat remained triumphant

I'm too young for my maturity
You're too complicated in your simplicity
Though our conversations tend to flow
Like the moon-mirrored Euphrates

The tears are cued to roll hard
God ready to mend a broken heart
The rationale screams of murder sans evidences
Millions of differences too hard to disregard

Where all impossibilities conquered reality
Where you and me could never be free
Eventhough the first sigh of your lips touch mine
I am who I always want to be

I am finally free
And so I am not afraid to sing
When the real music starts to seep
thru my lips

Never right for each other
Crazily impractical to go on further
Although the temperature rises instinctively
When we met and the physicals simmer