Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ur Feelin?

Us make music
when us become one
hues of pink and magenta
behind sparkles, gold
and black in the back
Rain drops imitate
the celestial movements
imitate you we,
we you imitate,
when hisses mix with caresses
you got we feelin
with every boop and beep
of the Jazz man's band
you got we feelin
seconds of going
Paris, Kuala Lumpur,
Japan... Africa
you got we feelin
By the beats of we soul
of chocolate smooth
By the wave of we heart
that warmly stroke the conscience
of what us had
used to have
and will have
you got we feelin
deep and slow
memory of Nigeria's sunset
Euphrates's lazy flow
Amazon's slitherin heat
fillin us minds
causin us to stop
and you got we feelin....
are YOU feelin we?