Thursday, November 10, 2005

When The Clock Strikes

(How can a single thought provokes powerful waves of emotions better than any clear image of him? I do not understand)

When the clock strikes ten:

Sensations ran away on tiptoes
away from the tip of henna fingers
hiding deep in clear fear
as a pray or two slipped and stirred

When the clock strikes nine:

violent waves of blatant images
pounded the fragile wall of innocence
behind it, the heart aquiver
God please, at least try to help her!

When the clock strikes eight:

the bloody wet darkness groaned
as the pounding comes harder
screaming in suffocating power
the air thickens in arousing odour
deafening drums silencing her

When the clock strikes seven:

"Break the last wall of defense!"
The waves in unison agreed in greed
"Make her beat once again!"
The waves in unison agreed in greed

When the clock strikes six:

The last defense crashed sans honor
and heaty lust ravaged in pleasure
till Time subsided and left no more pain
and suddenly, the heart beats again!

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