Friday, June 16, 2006

Age of the Unborn

I believe this one is meant to be heard rather than read. An intended spoken word piece.

When seconds passed
And the distance filled
And the air shared
And the warmth intensified
And the worries vanished
And the heart softened
And the pride weakened:

That was when I knew what love is
So I continued to feel:

And the silence broken
And the rhythm understood
And the ideals emerged
And the security enveloped
And the bodies awakened
And the spirits elevated:

That was when I see him as he is
So I continued to feel:

And minutes turned into perfumed dusts
And Time took a savage turn
And Time became the Age of the Unborn

That was when I see me as I was meant to be
So I stopped and breathed
and Died.

Waiting to be reborn