Friday, June 16, 2006

Denial of a Muse

Artful Blasphemy!
Should the Poet sentence the Muse
a thousand lives of doubt and uncertainty
for casting himself blind
that the Poet writes solely with him in mind?

That words flow through the mossy banks of Imagination
Below sparkling Najm of strawberry-tinted Wine
Before rushing down the cleavage of Mount Metaphor
and thus reborn as murmuring Images divine?

The Muse defies his existence
Holding to excuses not of his own
His vague words assault the intoxicated senses
Must the Poet suffer and leave him alone?

Did he not see the poems that scatter in Time?
Imprints of his forgotten touches
on the body and in the mind
where the soul suddenly rekindles ?

Must the Poet prove
through unrequited verbal transgression
that she breathed him as surges of inspired rhythms
before exhaling in satisfaction?

That she had tasted him with a flicker
of the Kalam that dances passionately
along endless empty spaces
Anticipating the perfumed garden of Poesy!