Friday, June 16, 2006

I Lift

Sacrificial me
Sacreligious me
Say me saying the words
not meant to be said
and so I lift
and so I lift

The burdens in my heart
The lust in between my thighs
The ache in my soul
Sinful or not
They still belong to me

My unspoken children never meant to be born
but remain in the veins of my womb
my thrice-tapped womb
my thrice-tapped heart
my thrice-tapped soul

That weep not bleed the blood
as Time binds our will
and teach me how to feel
how to forgive
how to shed the Immaculate Tear
of sacrificial (not) me
of sacreligious (not) me

Do me doing the deeds not desired to be undone
and so I lift
and so I lift
and on I lift my life!