Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have no memory of you,
for it has been hidden
in the farthest corner of my heart,
a place where the mind refuses to step into,
and where that setting soul,
refuses to feel.

That is why I dont remember your face,
or the way your eyes squint
with each forced smile.

Or how they warmed up like embers in a snowy night,
when finally calming down,
after a horrible fight.

And I dont remember your voice,
or how it sends my heart fluttering,
like flying fishes fresh in flight.

Or how it whispers my name ever so gently,
betraying the heat of your passion,
that always came in the oddest of time.

I dont even remember your touch,
or the warmth of your tender embraces,
or your coarse skin on mine when I least expected.

Or the way it calms my tempestuous heart,
with deliberate provocative softness,
like petals of dewed roses plucked in haste.

These I have hidden
in the remotest
in the farthest
corner of my heart.

These I have exchanged,
for Nothing.