Monday, October 16, 2006

I Chose You

If poetry
is a spontaneous burst
of powerful feelings,
than my words are poetic now.

Though not recollected in tranquility,
these words are my source of inspiration,
where each and every vein in my body,
pumps as if it was their last.

like a horse race pursued by the sultans,
like a mega sale in August,
like life at the first breath of dawn,
like the nemesis of everything calm,
like me.

These are words,
where your obnoxious indifference,
disgusts the very depth of me,
the very cool of me.

and though there are better things to adore,
sadder things to mourn for,
happier things to sing to,
I still choose you.

the subject of a thousand lines,
lyrical conquest of no meter,
drizzling pulsation of hot rhythm,
of sweet tasting guilt and hatred.

I chose you.