Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love Story For A Terrible Beauty

It was a love affair that began
in my mother's womb,
when she told me stories of a beauty,
that would greet me,
once my time has come to be born
into this plane of
temporary existence.

Such a terribly beauty,
That would take my breath away,
like a kick to the stomach,
like a spicy curry too scandalous for the tongue,
like a contorting,
shadow in the dark.

Such a terrible beauty,
That would inspire me to sing
the haunting pleasures, pain and longing,
immortalised in a hundred faces,
swallowed in a thousand dialects,
and frozen in endless secret glances shared
when the elders are not looking.

Such a terrible beauty,
that came before the arrival of
man-made rules, broken dreams or silent screams.
Instead, it rose with the the Matahari,
and flew with the Rajawali,
and bathed in Khatulistiwa's dew,
and knew,
that the world would change forever in one

It was a terrible beauty.
that knew nothing before,
but knew everything after,
and knew enough when my time came to be born
into this plane
of temporary existence.

That terrible beauty
was you.