Monday, July 30, 2007

The Grumpy Host

Those tears were uninvited.
I wanted to diss them so badly
for menjatuhkan my air muka
but I couldnt.
And so, in my vain attempt,
to clean the livingroom of my consciousness,
I became the grumpy host
Putrid, Skanky, Kurang Ajar,
hella host.
The host from hell,
who pushed those tears back
'till they reached the very back of my head
swimming around the tip of my
medula oblongata,
and I'll keep them there,
and I'll tuck them in
before I watch you walk away
to the plane of blurry and hazy,
the blinding site of mist.
and I'll forget about them
until I'll dream of you,
coz thats when I'll invite my guests,
redeem my air muka
and bawl to my heart's content.