Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sky Bursts

The sky bursts,
and all that reminds me of you
pours down like water,
in fiery colours,
and rains on my conscience.

They took my breath away
and left me,
gasping for more.

More of this intoxicant
that rolls on my tongue like butter
in my mouth,
yes tastes like honey
in pleasurable pain.

They took my speech away,
yet I ask of you, my love,
for more.

More of this heady incense
that clouds my mind with the smell of you,
this heavy and moist perfumed air
that's thick and moist,
and sticks on me like second skin.

They took my sense away,
But I plead you, my love,
I need more.

And even when I feel claws
and broken nails pulling my soul
through the crevices of my body,
through night and day,
I am begging you,my love,
I demand for more.

Fill me up,
Take me in,
Feel me,
Taste me,
Breathe me,
Digest me, my love!

Digest me.