Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dead Night

Before you came,
ghouls did not exist,
let alone wandering spirits
in the dark dead night.

I was free from fear and inhibitions
because I did not believe in anything but the knowledge
that there is no life after death.
Only eternal dirt and earth
enveloping my rotting skin,
only creepy crawlies munching
and gnawing through me
rotting, that's where I would be.

The world is physically at my feet,
waiting for Death to return this body back to the soils inbetween my toes.
Oh how I'd imagine this land would groan and moan in pleasure whenever my skin touches it,
thirsting for my blood,
hungry for the things beneath my skin,
it was lust at first sight

Nobody knew that the world is a cannibal,
a carnivore, a patient predator but me,
and certainly I was more than happy to know this.

So no puntianaks for me,
no langsuirs to wake me up from sleep,
no hantu cina to chase after me,
no toyols to suck the blood out of my toe,
no poltergeists to pull the blanket from under me,
no headless Japanese soldiers to behead me from behind,
no blobs to swallow me whole,

I was free,

But then you came
in the form of shadows and grunts,
pulled me in when I least expected it
into the darkness where your mouth rots
and your nails digging deep
and your cold eyes piercing deeper
and those white gleaming fangs
penetrating me,
deeper than ever.

I recoiled in fear,
horror rising through my throat
tasting sharply of acid,
and as my blood seeped out of me.
body limped,
eyes turned white,
soul devoured in full,
I realised that I was dying in the arms of a stranger,
who's never seen the sun.

A helpless thought cut through my last remaining breaths:

Nobody's here to save me
Nobody was there to save me.