Friday, November 16, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

I am supposed to demystify art and I have a plan:

The first thing I gotta to is
to come out from my hiding
and start thinking
and letting the muses take over my body
so that I could verbalise art.

Within these few stanzas
that used to be cold white plain pieces of papers caressed with the warm intoxicated breath of mine
I am supposed to inspire
and perspire beads of fat, wet drops of words

Words that are supposed to make you go 'hmmh'
or 'ape yang die merepek tu?"
or 'hell yeah, that was good'
or 'she sucks so bad, I'm all dried up'.

Or these words can make you go quiet for one second to the other,
before shaking your head and branding me 'artsy fartsy',
like those men who brand their lembu and kerbaus
except that we need to straighten things up and the first thing
is that I am no man's meat
and that secondly is that
This label doesnt do nothing
but marginalise you and me from being we
and this is something we dont need
in a time like this

Coz this is a new world where violent ps2 games
seem to go hand in hand with soft porn and mass psychological orgies.

And this is a time when we dont need no prophets to tell us about heaven coz
we have a new one that we worship to called Hollywood
which is full of 2 hour marriages, drunken teenagers, and perky scientologists that feed on
a life support of prozacs and filthy rich therapists
And we can see stone faced newscasters in these things call tv
talking about human cloning, global warming and colonialised territories
within the same breadth of smile
before moving on to the better things in life like
mawi, or siti or when will brad pitt and angeline jolie
gonna save another third world baby!

Coz this is a time
when art can be googled or yahooed, and they state that it is
the products of human creativity;
works of art collectively
the creation of beautiful things significantly, or
a superior skill that you can learn by study study study

Fuck these definitions!
they are exasperating
fornicating with what you dream and aspire to do
And I am here to say no to this and that,
I am giving you some tit for tat.

Demystify This

Coz its art is beautiful
and art is ugly, and we dont have any problem with this coz we all know that ugly is just another word for 'unusually cute',
it makes you go high not from weed but something better like love,
or have you gurgling with lust from within your loins at the thought of making love
it makes you smile with it
it makes you cry with it
it gives you these goosebumps that feel like a million, no billions of ants are crawling around your body
as if your limbs and organs are made of sugar and honey
and art can also bitch slap you in the face
and make you feel like waves of tsunamis crashing into the islands of your hearts and lungs and soul, and
you're drowning
but all you can think about is just how exquisite this pain is
coz you can fill your core being filled up with whatever that is lazat, sedap, memberangsangkan!
you're digesting the food of the gods
and it'll make you go all crazy up in here
and all around it.

Art makes you fly up to whatever you believe is up there
and pulling you down back again to what you believe is down here
it makes you feel that you've seen a glimpse of God
where he or she, you know pronouns dont mean nothing,
he she glows like those fireflies that beat to the rhythm in your dark midnight chest,
fluttering around
from the realm of the sacred to the realm of the profane
through the most normal actions and the littlest things in life,
you see, you aim, you conquer
over here, klcc, or pasar seni,
it aint matter where it is
coz it is there to stay.

Art is
vision altering
head grabbing
mind blowing
thought provoking
heart wrenching
love inducing
pain releasing
hate ceasing
joy releasing
soul finding
life binding
it's breath taking
it's overflowing!

But by the end of it all, it's simplifying becoz
If it defines you,
then I assure you,
and I remind you
that what you have just felt
that is what we call art.