Friday, November 16, 2007


My tortured soul knew no end
except that god was supposed to be here and there
now, yesterday and tomorrow
me, you, us, them
and those little people who hide underneath your bed
and yet everytime I reach out,
arms open wide, eyes closed tight,
ready to embrace and be embraced
I just couldnt feel
for god was not underneath my fingers
rippling with energy or caressing like the wind
and god was not inside me,
or inches away from this brown skin of mine
God wasnt there
to be touched and examined
and admired, and obsessed
So i was floating in a world of no good nor bad
just pain and lament
and everything that made my heart ache
I embrace them
coz I could feel them
make love to them
esctasic sufferings circumbulatng my loins
my body
my mouth
I was content with nothing
and this nothing was everything
and this everything is all the things I needed
and still I was empty and hollow
like those empty cans that you see in an empty street
discarded, ignored
kicked for the whim of strangers night and day!