Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Are A Great Country

we are a great country.

we laugh and cry
we work and sleep
we eat and shit
we fuck and then hide
and we agree on everything.

we agree that these colours we see
may not come with any sense
but they are pretty never the less
brown, yellow, black, gold, white
we admire them and call it art
before coming back to forget

that History came renovated and revised
billions spent in order to make it look good
it was painted, redefined,
coated with whatever that is best
glossed with whatever that covers the rest
before presented in a happy fantasised form
for us to make it our home.

and we agree that these words we verbalise
may not come with any sense
but they sound good never the less
unity, democracy, harmony, vision 2020
we look good draped in them
so we swallow them up like pills
go high over milky mountaineous dreams
we dance to songs that lull us to sleep
before waking up to forget

those who fought and believed in the word Merdeka
the word weighed so heavily
that they shoulders dropped in humility
visions altered and the hearts hardened
and their spirit raised up so high
that it reached all seventh heavens of the sky,
and caused the Angels to freeze and wondered:
"what the hell was what?

but the memories are now deleted
The passion is now gone
Us was divided and raped,
and beat down to the colour of our skin and the punctuation in our voice.

we laugh
we cry
we eat
we shit
and play hide-n-fuck
we agree on everything
and everything forget.

we are a great country
we are fantabulous.