Friday, January 11, 2008

A Prayer

Dear God
I know you dont have ears to hear
but people say you are the Great Listener
so please, listen to me pray:

Let my parents live longer than me
for I would die inside without them by my side
they are good people
they taught me how to live
and no matter what I did to repay them back
it could never suffice
so take my life instead.

What I want to say
What I feel
What I believe in
Inspire those to be better than they were before
Tell them to live and have no regrets
The ability to condense wisdom within my tongue.

That at times when all things were wrong
You're the only one I pray to
and that when all things were right
I thank no one else, but You.

And please let this heart of mine
be allowed to break apart
so that I could mend it back
with my own bare hands
and slowly learn to love again.