Friday, April 18, 2008


I was taught to speak out my mind
because if you dont,
you will never learn
so I opened my mouth
wanted to speak
when I was then reminded
to always be respectful to elders
in order to avoid a whooping or two
to not hurt other people intentionally
it's sinful and simply gregarious
to not say blasphemy or even think of it
coz the devil's plan comes from an active mind
(wasnt it supposed to be an idle mind?)
so try not to ask too many questions
that would silence the ustaz and the ustazah,
and turn your parents into a sick shade of crimson
never ask questions like:
"did the dinosaurs or Adam came first?"
"a river of milk and honey.... what about vanilla coke?"
"if men in heaven get thousands of virgin angels just like that, what about me?
Do I get thousands of virgin man angels, can I personalise them according to my fancy?"
so try not to even think out of the box
coz that would turn your brains into dust
sent you into crazy
and be with those who wouldnt know
between right and wrong
those who will end up in Heaven
because they simply did no wrong,
but if you dont go cuckoo
you can be rest assured that angel on your left side of the shoulder is happily and busily jotting down all your wrongs,
while the one on your right
dies of boredom,
that I was told.

I shall think twice about opening my mouth again.