Sunday, June 15, 2008


7 a.m.
cool breezy,
me looking as muslim as muslim can be when:

She sees me,
points at me
roots me out from my solid ground
"awak ni keling ke?"
she asks me accusingly,


Funny how seconds stretch into eternities when one is under the scrutiny of a thousand eyes giggling, laughing, demeaning-

Funny how
in one word short
she undermines the sufferings of my grandfather,
him chained to the feet in a land
he was brought to slave in,
him making sounds that would soon define who he is

Kling kling kling,
goes the sound of the chains
kling kling kling,
goes the sound of me.

in one word short,
she forgets that her ancestors and mine
shared the same faith and blood line
we used to revere together at the breasts of
Shiva, Ganesh and Kali
Yes Kali, the mighty goddess who
a thousand armies
with the beat of her violent dancing

kling kling kling,
goes the sound of her anklets
kling kling kling,
goes the sound of me.

7 a.m.
hot scorching,
me looking as keling as keling can be
a crying girl was all
that was left of me

that WORD became me.