Monday, June 30, 2008

Monologue 1.01.001

Peace be upon you Men.
Nice to meet you
yes dear I do know you but do you know me?

I am me. Woman. Perempuan. Wanita.
The trustee of births.
The owner of vagina and uterus.
The cradle of creation. Sacred feminine.
I am your mother, daughter, sister and wife.

And yet I have all seven pits of Hell in me.
I am Al-Rajam, Al-Maksiat and An-Nar.
Yes, that is me.

I am the woman whom you took to bed,
made sweet love to,
eyes wide shut and called me slut,
spit me with stones, fill me with insults, decorate me with blood,
turned me into earth with your feet pressed on me.
I became Al-Rajam. Makhluk ditelan Bumi.

I am the woman whom you made sweet promises to.
Tell me you love me you do me,
cherish me, take care of me, hide me from the ruins of my self-esteem.
Told me pretty, beauty, made me slather shades of rouge
on my cheeks, lips, eyes and body,
enter me before leaving me.
I am Al-Maksiat, the cause of your mortal fall,
I was she, the bitch without a heart.

I am the woman whom carried you a baby.
Took it away under blinding lights because you told me to,
you broke your promises, forgot about me and with that
confirmed me my spot rests on the shoulders of Angels ready to devour me

my tongue melted with black coals, scalding heat on me
I became An-Nar with a pole stuck deep in me, sodomy,
hair raging fire, eyes colour ruby and sapphire
I became angry.

So Hello
Nice to meet you,
Peace upon you Men
yes dear I do know you but do you know me?
Do you really know me?