Friday, July 04, 2008


That morning after u left
I lay down on my bed,
Clutched my chest,
Rummaged through my breasts

I tried to find something to feel
Something to force out a tear
Something to scream
A heart at least
But I couldn’t find it.

Maybe u have stolen it last night
Or maybe u stole it on that first day we met
Over a daisy in our hands,
The world on our feet,
just maybe.

So that's what u told me,
On that morning before you left
You told me I was strong
Told me I was kind
And that life would probably be fine
And I told you that maybe it will be fine
Cause you see, my ego was never fine

And then you smiled
and then I smiled as wide as I can
With a daisy in my hand
The world on my feet,
just maybe.

He loves me, he loves me not,
I love him, I love him not,
He loves the whole of me, flaws and all
I loved the way he made my heart soar

He loves, he loves me not,
I love him, I love him not
He loves knowing that I’ll always be there
I love him for all the secrets we share

I love him, I love him lots
Tell him without him I am lost
Tell him without him I am not strong
Tell him it is him that I long for

Just tell him
Dont go away.