Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Heart Weeps

My mom wrote this for me. Maybe this is where I got my inspiration from. Hmm.

My heart weeps the first time I held you
For god has given a precious gift to me and your father too
The first time you cried my heart weeps
For I did not know what it is that you need

My heart weeps the first time you left home
But in my heart I knew my child will never be alone
For as long as I breathe
I’m there whenever she is in grief

My heart weeps with joy
When I see the women that she has become
Compassionate, humble, intelligent, confidence but most of all
The kind of women that I’ve always KNOWN she will become

My heart weeps
When I see in her eyes
So much anger
And I pray that she will realize
That my heart weeps

Even going through all these
I have only one thing to say
Do not question my love for thee
For they are here to stay