Friday, July 04, 2008

US Beats

Followers of a cult
Where corniness is a preacher
PDAs are prayers
You my divine priest
And Love the only thing worth believing in.

Made sweet love made us made me and you new
and conscious
Back to unconscious
Fire in our loins, groins,
Whatever you call them.

Us in early mornings
Shared shy and quirky kisses
With teeth unclean,
Bad hygiene
But damn baby did your lips taste delicious
I could take u in me anytime.

Made me made u my physical weed,
You became the smoke i breathed into me
Short gun, bong fun
You’re my reason to go high,
Fly high up to the sky
With a song in my throat
and a symphony in my soul
With that beat thing that beats

the rhythms of the Beatles, Cat Stevens getting stoned with Moloko, the Ramones and Nina Simone have the munchies while P.Ramlee meets daft punk slapping high five to John Coltrane and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan giving the low down to Jamiroquai saying hi to Bob Marley saying hi to Bob Dylan shifting the keys to Amru Diab, Fairouz and Edith Piaf crooning to Ella and Etta James jams with Jill Scott doing the swing with Ramli Sarip and M.Nasir for real while the gods of jazz, soul, funk, blues, punk, pop, rock, dance, dangdut, anything and everything that make us groove

To the beat to beat to us
Us Beats.