Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't Keep It In! :)

I dont really talk about things that happen in my life except for those that actually succeeded in coming out as poems or ramblings worthy of poetic consideration in my eyes. I think I should start anyways.

Today was a special day for me apart from the fact that I am breathing for yet another one more day. I've been given the chance to read my poems at the university for a special poetry reading session organised by my department. If it was just another reading, then there's nothing much for me to squeal about but today I had incredible poets including Edwin Thumboo, Wong Phui Nam, Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, and Dato' Shanmughalingam as fellow readers!

Fortunately for me, I do not get starstruck when I bump into actors or artistes but I do get all girly when I see respectable writers and poets. You have no idea how I would turn into if I actually get to talk to Maya Angelou. So, in a nutshell, Edwin Thumboo, Wong Phui Nam and Ghulam Sarwar are Brad Pitts to me! LOL. Such a literary nerd, I tell you.

So yes, I read 4 poems of mine i.e. Patriotism, the new Tertiary Crush, Keling and Teachings. The response was very encouraging and the comments from these HUGE poets were even more inspiring. I believed I could write thousands of poems after listening to these poets talking to me. I was swooned to bits.

Poetry is what its all about. Never regretted embracing this ever. I shall continue expressing myself in the best way I could.