Monday, November 17, 2008


Funny (repeat in one breath)

I repeat this word again and again and again
So funny until it sounds strange
like an abbreviation on the tip of my tongue
like a mantra gone sour
tripping over.

So funny that i repeat it until it doesnt sound
so bloody humorous anymore.

Now that the music has ended,
I embrace the stillness
the air is stagnant.

I thought we were just reaching a crescendo
a crescendo that even the past Gods of Music
would have smiled upon us

There's John, Paul, George and soon to come Ringo
locked in an embrace, sighing sensuously
post humously, saying:
"That is love"

And it was, is, love
And it was, is, now passed.

Now that the music has ended
I muffle out the screaming emptiness
which is probably bouncing still
against the hollowness of my soul.