Monday, November 17, 2008

Magic Man

He came down the bubbles of smoke that
I use to invoke spirits of the past
on my free time,
which is mostly in the weekends.

He asks,
he gurgles,
he dances with his two left feet
with two left toes pointing up north

"Do you want to see
magic like never before?"

He made my heart skip a beat
and a bang and a mushroom of dust
buried me whole.

He made me speak in tongues
not known to me before.

He made me take my words away
swallowed my tongue
writing instead in the sand with his
two left pinkies
in an excited

He wrote me that the best way to feel it
is to be as quiet, mute, deaf as can be
and let it overtake you

over reach you
over hear you
over rule you
make you

Enjoy the show.