Friday, November 14, 2008

What To Answer Back When They Say Your Dancing Is Haram

I bet

that when the daffodils danced gayly on that
one bright morning
Wordsworth did a tiny dance of
joy, victory, a little wiggle in the toushee
that never did hurt anybody

that Rumi for sure couldnt resist
twirling on the tip of his toes in intense gaiety
wrapped in the arms of the Beloved
in such clandestine esctasy
he never did hurt anybody

that Kunta Kinte dreamt of movements
that stretched across oceans and continents
movements that told of stories and mythology
movements that nobody could enslaved
him for he is free, and so he danced and
he never did hurt anybody

that before all that animalistic loyalty
Tuah and Jebat danced the ritualistic movement
of silat, that seni halus pertahankan diri
their mock keris slip and slide in bravery
they never thought that they would one day
hurt each other or anybody.

so why on earth would you ever think that
me, a woman all alone and quiet in solitary,
would crash and destroy your army
of faithful men

just because I decided
to dance for
no reason just