Monday, January 19, 2009

Holding My Breath

As I hold my breath, I can feel a few poems struggling to come out. Hold on for awhile, let me put them down in words..

On another note: I had a great weekend, hands down. Had an amazing experience at Wayang Kata VII (the crowd was awesome. the pic below says it all). Steven, Priya, Rafique and Nell did a great job keeping the crowd in tune with the whole show. I have always wanted to perform for Wayang Kata and I managed to do just in time before a long hiatus takes place. Darn, I hope they come back soon. Thanks to all who came that day. It was fun, wasnt it? :)

A couple of days after that, I had another reading but compared to Wayang Kata, this one was more sober and chill i.e. the MCLALS reading at Prof. Chee Seng's house in Subang Jaya. Wished I could stay and listened to Bernice Chauly's reading but oh well, listening to Leonard Jeyam's excellent poem was good enough for me. And the house is niiiiicccceeee (see pic below). I might consider spicing up my apartment after I'm back from my PhD, but that's another 6 years so I am in no hurry.

Gosh, I can't wait for the next reading...

Will you join me?