Tuesday, January 13, 2009

May 13: Publications Calling For Contributions

Editors: Fathi Aris Omar & Jimadie Shah
Publisher: Gerakbudaya


This year, May 13 will bring added meaning to all Malaysians, particularly our post-1969 young generation, because we will be marking its 40th year. The Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 defines ‘youth’ as being anyone below the age of 40.

The May 13 incident will be approaching its final year of youth, will become an adult and, therefore, mature. The question now is: have we successfully exorcised the ghost of May 13 and are we showing enough maturity today in facing all issues pertaining to race and religion?

To answer this question, we in Gerakbudaya wish to gather all writings in various forms, sketches and photographs from our youth – in short, expressions of their views on this tragedy.

All contributions will be compiled in a book and published by Gerakbudaya. This book will be officially launched at the 2nd KL Alternative Bookfest (KLAB) on 9-10 May, 2009 at the Annexe, Central Market.


We will give ample opportunities to contributors whose creations fulfil the theme and criteria stipulated.

The main theme of this book is to get rid of the ghost of May 13, towards a better Malaysia.

Style of writing

The following styles of writing can be applied although you are free to write in any way:

  1. Stories from secondary sources like from parents, teachers, members of political parties, lecturers and others
  2. Creative writing
  3. Interviews with people who were directly involved and experienced the tragedy, political and social leaders and others
  4. Open letter to politicians
  5. Essay

Each piece of writing that is sent must not exceed 2000 words. There is no minimum limit.

Contributions must be in Bahasa Malaysia or English

For those who are doing sketches or photographs, the contribution must not exceed 4 pages.

Every contribution must bear your own name or widely-known pen name.

Contributors must be 40 years and below, and Malaysian citizens.

Email your contributions and all enquiries with the subject' May 13' to zulhabri@gerakbudaya.com

Everyone who contributes will be given 2 copies of the book and a good chance to publish books with Gerakbudaya or with our other publisher, SIRD.

Closing date for all entries is
28 February 2009.