Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 24 Hour Theatre Project

Just a note on what I'll be getting myself into this weekend. If I am not mistaken, they are still looking for writers and directors to join the current list.. so if you're interested, it's never too late to give it a try! But if you are more into watching, observing and criticising (tee hee), all of you are invited to come and watch the plays this Sunday night at Istana Budaya! Come one, Come All!

PS: Below is an introduction to what the project is all about. Exciting, isnt it? :)

Masakini Theatre Company is producing the 24 Hour Theatre Project for the second year running. This Project expressly organized to encourage youths to develop their talents and understand albeit under duress, all aspect of theatre-making, will once again be held at Istana Budaya. While the young are encouraged to join in it is hoped that experienced theatre personalities will compete, not only to sharpen their talents but also assist the young ones with their wealth of knowledge. It is also an opportunity to bring the young and the experienced closer together.

The Project is a perfect vehicle for local actors, directors and playwrights to showcase their capacity for theatre-making in a unique format. The purpose is not to create something perfect but to experience the pressure-cooker intensity of writing and producing a 10 minute play in such a short time.

Last year about 52 people took part and some excellent scripts and performance were produced.

This year our Director-in-Residence will be Christopher Jacobs who has vast experience in directing. Mr. Jacobs has been living in Malaysia for the past 18 years and has been directing plays in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

All those interested in taking part in this Project may either e-mail . All registered participants will be acknowledged via phone or e-mail. Please visit our website for more details.

This year a registration fee of RM20.00 will be charged per participant.

Audition : 14th March 2009 7.00pm sharp!
Sri Nilam Room, Istana Budaya

Performance : 15 March 2009 8.30pm
Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya

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EnciKSediL said...

need an actor? hihi

Akmal Azeman said...

cool! I found my lecturer's blog! dat a good thing??? eheh. tetiba selfconcious. LOL! :S

p/s: may i please link u? *smilling sweetly* :P

Sheena Baharudin said...

Asdil: You can try, love! :) Best of luck.

Akmal: Yes, you may Akmal :)

Akmal Azeman said...

cool! already did. thanks! :)

EnciKSediL said...

alaa... it's on the 14th... i will be at MMU Melaka at that time... a bunch of us are asked to do a pantomime on Palestine... haihz... i guess some other time then...