Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hazlan, Fynn and a Whole Lot of Poetry

(Image courtesy of Liana "Shan" Aziz)

I know, I know, the workshop was done nearly a week ago and I'm just writing about it now. Forgive me.

I tell you ah, there's nothing as exciting and fulfilling as watching students having a new perspective on what poetry is or what it is capable of being. Rather than thinking that poems are what they see in books or journals or those random posters in the LRT, poetry is now alive! (I apologise for the dramatic tone but I can't help myself, I'm a poet/poetry lover.)

Setting: IIUM human sciences square. Time: 10.00 am. Day: Saturday. The mentioned details can make any regular person decide to choose for a more fun alternative. But considering that this workshop is important for their final performance and exam, I can't blame them for coming. *Evil laugh.

We've decided to invite two poets to brief the students on what performance poetry and what slam is. The two: Hazlan Zakaria (from our very own poetry collection Poetry Underground) and Fynn Jamal (who just signed up in Poetry Underground as well, kudos!) have been in the local poetry circuit (both english and malay scene) for quite some time. Long enough to know exactly what they are talking about, which is essential for the class. To conclude it all, both poets were great. They did exactly what we three poetry teachers aspire to do i.e. make the students all hyped up and excited for... poetry. Yup, it happened and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

A little bragging note: At the end of the workshop, all the students were divided randomly into 8 groups for a mini slam. Each group was asked to write one poem and then choose one sacrificial poet to perform and represent the group. I am so proud of them when out of 8 groups, 6 were from my class! Kudos to you all, all you need is a little bit of courage. I am sure once you were done, you had your adrenaline pumping in for quite some time. Betul tak? :P

3 poetic mutterings:

Hazlin said...

Now this really makes me wanna go back to IIUM. I wanna be studying literature again... *sigh*

I would have loved to been part of this. Learning is, of course, an ongoing process. But learning literature is more than just learning. I would say that it is understanding an aspect of life that is inherent to every person.

Alamak...excuse my being dramatic, as well. Am very much the literature lover myself :p

Sheena Baharudin said...

Hi Hazlin!

Now that ur no longer studying, what are you doing lah? :) How r u btw?

Hazlin said...


I'm great, thanks. I'm now a sub-editor for a publishing company in Cyberjaya. I'm living there, too. It's a pretty good job; a bit tiring, but good nonetheless :)

How have you been?