Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monologue 2.02.002

Fear me.

I have all seven pits of hell in me
seven layers
seven depths
seven reasons to fear

Chained and pulled by thousands of angels
I am heavy,
and thick
moans and grunts escaping out of me

These sounds leaving waves of shrills
in the throat
of those who carry me

I am the lump you couldn't swallow.

And to think that you took me lightly
an entity of procreation
and easy excuses
and cruel intentions,
but now you can feel me

I am a burden for your body
that was only made from dust and clay
and blood and bones,
your body that would only suffer pain

when promised of spiritual pleasure

Your soul,
as it crept out of your lips in your last breath,
would only leave wishing for seven hundred thousand virgins

under your wings
under your masculinity and superiority

Virgins and nymphs of immaculate beauty
their breath smelling of myrrh
their Touch feels like silk
their limbs white as porcelain
their sexuality so strong
it leaves an odd after taste on your tongue.


if only you knew that your only gift is me
you would have crawled back into your mother's womb
in fear of me

the One that was created from coals
condensed with the fires of anger
sadness and remorse

For seven hundred eternities I burned
until I was red,
and I continued to burn,
until I was white,
and I continued to burn,
until I turned black
and became the fuel of
nightmares and madness

Is that when you will finally fear

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sang arjuna said...

your monologues keep giving me goosebumps everytime reading it. as if i can hear your voice reciting it at my ears.

scary but at the same time u keep wanting to re-read it again and again. :)