Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poetic Announcement!

Hello Peeps!

Exciting news just for you. If you happen to be nearby UIA Gombak this Thursday night, please be informed that we'll be organising the first ever slam in the university! Yeay, as one of the poetry lecturers this semester, we feel that there's a need to let the students experience open form poetry and slam for themselves and have loads of fun at the same time. Along with slam, the students will also showcase their own interpretation of visual poetry, concrete poetry and multimedia poetry. This should be the first of many :)
But of course, just to trick those bureaucrats and red-tape lovers in the varsity, we've decided to name the event "Poetry Performance Assessment Night" instead. *Evil giggle.
Date/Day: 19th March 2009 / Thursday
Venue: Main Auditorium, IIUM Gombak
Time: 8.30 p.m.
Admission is only RM1 so there's no bloody excuse about it being too expensive or that you're having the recession blues. Come come come!

5 poetic mutterings:

Hazlin said...

Oooh...this is interesting.
And tricking them bureaucrats is an added bonus.

I *might* be there. Hopefully.

Nore said...

Hi madam..


How I wish I can attend it.Working life is very taxing =(.Feel like returning to the MSL class.Haha

All the best with the performance!!


Trini said...

yeay! i'll be the first to come, ma'am! =D

Diyana said...

yeay!! :)

Mei said...

PHEWWWWIT!!! I attended, I saw, I heard, I shouted, I waved, and I sang:

"You real cool. You
Left hostel. You

Lurk late. You
Stood straight. You

Sing sin. You
Thin as pin. You

Jazz June. You
live long."

Now, I've lost my voice again. I love you!