Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cuti Cuti Kemboja

Alloo peeps!

I'll be leaving for Cambodia pretty soon, secretly anticipating a few experiences that might inspire a couple of poems, and might not be able to update for a week or more. However, the Reading session at MPH 1-Utama was a blast, saw an ex-student of mine there (thanks Hazlin) and a whole lot of familiar and new faces as well. My fellow Underground poets were there as well (I'm sure you know by now that we are an active lot. Very muka tebal wan) and it was extra fun because of them. Here are a few pixies from the event:

Will these pics encourage you to come to the next reading in KL? Then, don't forget that tonight's THE night for the 4th KL Poetry Slam at Lepaq Cafe, Sri Hartamas. GO GO GO!

4 poetic mutterings:

Baronhawk said...

Dear Sheena,

I wish you well upon your trip,
to the misty plains of the Khmer,
may it open to you its deepest secrets,
its tale its gift its inspiration,
for all else you have with you,
your wit beauty fun exuberance.



P.S. Enjoy your trip.

Sheena Baharudin said...

Thank you, Haz. I hope she'll embrace me as much as I would like to embrace her :) Kemboja, here I come!

PS: I will!

Kema Azeman said...

i cant believe that i missed it. *sigh*

have fun in cambodia! :)

Sokat said...

so into poetry ah dis woman ... cannot stop ...

I can't listen to one becoz I dun get the meaning ... brain's too slow to catch it all (huhu) ... hv to read it ...