Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Travelogue: Cambodia

Have returned to Kuala Lumpur from the enchanted land of Apsaras. I am still feeling the post-backpacking blues but I am trying to distract myself by planning my next adventure and posting as well! So... today it is all about: (drum roll)

Why I Am Helplessly In Love With Siem Reap

The quaint cyclist-happy town with a thousand things to do.

The locals' appreciation for good food. Those are fried crickets by the way.

The vastness of Ton Le Sap and its simple life.

The quiet monks who just happen to be terribly good looking

The calmness of the ancient temples.

The femininity of the Apsara dancers.
I have found my new obsession.

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marrkoya said...

nice..ur obsession hahaha. sheena oh sheena