Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random Loves Part Empat: Tot Tot

As a major supporter of the dangerous art of procrastination (been doing this since high school, and could never really shake away from it), I've decided to spend a little bit of my time dedicating this post to my one and only feline companion i.e. Tot Tot. Now before you start wondering why his name is Tot Tot, it's actually short for his full name HRH Qittatul Tottenham Ibn Sarosh (I went a bit overboard)or affectionately known among the vets in Ampang Jaya as Tod. Anyway... here we go:

Why Tot Tot Is The Most Ossammess Cat Ever

He can help you with your work. Here he is, advising me about Post Colonial Theories.

He appreciates a good view. Here is his official hang out i.e. the balcony. View? KLCC.

He can look like one mean motherducker. Word.

He is also capable of looking very disturbingly cute. And he smiles too.

He's down with intense bling bling. Hear him rawrrr.

He can sleep like there's no tomorrow, prolly learned this from Sifu Sarah.

1 poetic mutterings:

Poet said...

I Luuurve the last part...SLEEP! Urgh don't we all need that! kekekeke ;P