Monday, July 06, 2009

Random Loves Part Tiga: Perhentian

Had a great island experience 2 weeks back and just want to share them with you. I havent been there in ages and so wasnt expecting much (memories can definitely exaggerate things) but when I got there, I knew exactly why I loved the islands in the first place! So yeah, this post is going to be all about...

Why Perhentian Island Rocks

The feeling that you're far from whatever that worries you when you see the island

The maddening clear blue water

Waiting for sunrise by the beach

Hiding from the sun by the beach

The emerald waters of Pulau Lang Tengah, 30 mins from Perhentian.
A hideaway within a hideaway :)

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Poet said...

Its a GORGEOUS place! :) Lets go!