Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death, Youth and You

Our shared youth knew no boundaries. Time was our mutual friend. We met, gained, lost and recaptured things we could call our own and through each one of them, we knew 'we' better than ever before. And as we grew older, our bond became much stronger. So strong that even when Death attempted to scoop me into Her arms sooner that She should have, you pulled me back and told me that you need me to live on. So when you let Her took you away yesterday, I did not know what else to do but feel me slowly waste away, alone with my old age and these tears to smother at night and these tired lids
to greet my day.

(This poem is dedicated to my beloved grandpa @ Tok Yet whose friend's sudden death has affected him greatly, and when he is sad, so is the rest of our family...)

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Poet said...

Love it very much! Thank you. :)