Friday, October 09, 2009

Mama Told Me

I think (no)
I feel (no)
I know
I could fall for that someone mama told me
I could never fall for.

In the years saturated with stories
of happily ever afters
and prince charmings on white steads
and size 2 princesses in distress
I thought I knew what I wanted to look for

that someone
to feel (no)
to complete (no)
to complement me.

And yet, from one mistake to another,
from one car crash to another head-on collision
that left me tattered, smattered, smothered
I was still looking

So mama told me:
Don't worry honey,
he'll come when you least expect him to be

But I was there mama
when he came in me
when I least expected him to be.

So mama told me :
Never give them what they want darling,
only then will they learn to need me

But I was there mama
when they told me that they need me,
then took and left me
bodiless, prideless, naked and be

So mama told me:
Never lose faith my love,
there is always someone out there
for everybody

Guess mama was right
because I am here now
ashivering and aquivering
from touches both physical and emotional
from goosebumps, joys, tears and fears
from fireworks exploding inside like it's xmas, chinese new year, eidul fitri, deepavali and all other occasions rolled up into one emotion in me.

But as I now bask in the infinite
I can still hear mama telling me that this could never be
just because you are not the man she thought you would be
and how can you be
when you are just like me?

Even when you appeared when I least expected you to be
Even when you assured me you need me more
than I could ever see
Even when you have yet to lose faith in me
Even when there is that slightest possibility
that you could be the one to

feel me (no)
to complete me (no)
to complement me.

4 poetic mutterings:

Baronhawk said...

Poetry is often best when it is simple and distilled rather then an elaborate concoction, when evoking everyday emotions than cosmic revelations. And such is this tantalizingly titular read.

Sheena Baharudin said...

Haz! I guess I'll be seeing you this Sunday at Annexe then? Haven't seen you or the other PU family members in ages, can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

"Never give them what they want darling, only then will they learn to need"

So true.. This has got to be the most beautiful poem I've ever come across.. Thank u for sharing it.

Sheena Baharudin said...

Thanks, girl :)