Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Loves Part Lima: Krabi

Went for a much needed back/flash pack trip to Krabi in Southern Thailand and this quaint town is the perfect pit stop to the best spots in Thailand i.e. Phi Phi Island, Railay etc. So, what else to do but to make this post all about....

Why Krabi is Great for the Soul (and Tummy too)

It recharges you like no other business. This is the life, baby. (Phi Phi Island)

It opens up the possibilities of towering over nature for like, a minute. (West Railay)

And it also reminds you of your most important meal of the day.

And reminds you again.

Before it makes you realise that ALL meals are equally important as well.
(Restaurant at the Pier, Krabi)

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azma612 said...

beautiful views...
delicious meals.. nyum3!!