Friday, January 01, 2010

"Hello 2010" *waves cautiously

As I watched the new year fireworks from KLCC park, weird mixed emotions went through me. Sadness, joy, gladness, warmth, coldness and cautiousness. 2009 was a good companion while it lasted although it did has its up and downs. The usual recipe of a normal relationship. Would I repeat it all again? Sure as hell.

Now, 2010 is here. I waved at it with much reservation. Questions are starting to pile up and it's impossible not to glance at it, feeling a bit nervous. I don't know if our relationship is going to kick off, or if it is going to be better than what I had with 2009. I have no idea if our chemistry is going to be stronger or weaker. Or if we can share a healthy level of communication. Or if I can grow old gracefully with it. I have no friggin' idea.

But am I at least enthusiastic at the prospect of a brand new and fresh start? Here I have, another chance to set things right. Another opportunity to do the things you couldn't or didn't do in 2009. Another window to be who you believe you can be. Another year of trials, errors and triumphs. Of breathing in, and breathing out. Another gift of living. The possibilities are, apparently, endless.

It's scary. Exciting too.


"You know what, 2010? Let's go out for coffee and tell me all about you.. and if you do good, maybe I'll tell you more about me."

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azma612 said...


Baronhawk said...

A happy new year to thee, dear lady. May thy date with 2010 be a wondrous affair, a magnificent occasion and a happy jaunt.

Cappuccino alfresco... would be nice this time of year. You and 2010. ha ha ha.

Sheena Baharudin said...


Haz: Cappuccino, nice suggestion :) Happy new year to you too man!