Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I (Still) Heart Carrie's Crib

  • -> Have you watched all six seasons so many times that you've lost count?
  • -> Do you always find yourself in a close-knit group of 4?
  • -> Do you either associate with Carrie's adventurous style, or Miranda's scalding wit, or Charlotte's girliness, or Samantha's sexual romps?
  • -> Do you aspire to hop on its official bus tour of New York?
  • -> Did you shed tears during HBO's tribute to the show? 
  • -> Did you jump in glee after having a personal copy of the book? 
  • -> Do you possess more than one lanun copy of the movie? 
  • -> Did you stomp your high heels in frustration due to your unrealistically high expectations of the movie?
  • -> Did you yippee yay-eh when news of a second movie rose up from the ashes of a failed first attempt?
  • -> Do you still plan to have an apartment as charming and original as Carrie Bradshaw when you grow up?
Case No. 1: Sheena sitting in her sombre cubicle at the university, eating nasi campur for dinner and fantasizing that ONE FINE DAY, she is gonna live in an apartment just like Carrie's:




The Walk-Through Wardrobe

The Bathroom

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