Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Loves Part Tujuh: Penang Food

Ahhh, I have been wanting to post up these pictures for quite some time but completely forgot about them. These are the few terribly sinful but highly recommended dishes that I wouldn't dare to skip every time I am in Penang. Yummmmmm!
Hot Naan and Tandoori @ Restoran Kapitan
Fragrant Nasi Briyani @ Nasi Kandar Deen
A Personal Fave: Nasi Dalca @ Kassim Mustafa
Sup Kambing/Ekor/Daging etc with Roti Bengali
My Beloved Breakfast Item: Serabai
Perfect for Tea Time: Tauqua Goreng

2 poetic mutterings:

Baronhawk said...

Nooooooo! Sheeeeenaaaaaa! why are you torturing me! Why? O! Why?

Sheena Baharudin said...

LOL! I know rite? The briyani @ deen is especially tempting. It's fragrant, soft and I can't imagine how it turned out so pretty on picture! :D