Tuesday, March 09, 2010


(Powerful Art by Ryoko Suzuki)

You told me you can see me
right through the chamber of my soul
the prison of my being
walls of my skin
floor of my soles
that I am translucent to you
is what you told me.

And you told me that I belong to
a faith that preaches equality
a nation that holds unity
a people that seeks prosperity
even a gender that assures me

Sounds lovely.

I was surprised when faceless
self elevated moral polices
assured me

that my hair
promises me hell
my body
the path away from salvation
my sex
the cause of many to fall
look at Adam, didn't he fall?
"yeah yeah, we could all be in Heaven now
if it's not for me and my God-given flaw."

my voice
the weaker
never be the leader
made for the kitchen,
don't you drive outside,
give me my children,
why would you wanna work when you can work for me
just be my wife,
i'll give you money
everything that you need,
especially my long hard d**k.

how can you not be happy?
and if you cant fight rape,
then just lie down and enjoy it will you?
just promise me
that you will never say no if I ask you to
and you will never say yes if I ask you to
and if you ever
talk to strangers,
I will kill you:

dynamites: check
corruption: check
ignorance: check

lock, stock and barrel


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