Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I've Been Thinking

I've been thinking

Pain is, ultimately,
easier to understand than pleasure.

Contemplate on these:

It is easier to shed tears
out of a scrapped knee
than to do the same
out of ecstasy.

If you have wondered why
women cry so easily,
try to be a woman
and feel your shoulders collapse
under the weight of the world.

Maybe that is why the sight
of mothers crying are easier to comprehend
than the sight of a full grown man
forced to a state of immersion in emotions

(because if your father is crying
truly you have done the gravest of error?)

I've heard of Sufis called the Criers
(or is it the Wailers?)
Their signature being the ability to cry days and nights,
to cry even out of sight
in fear of losing God's affection
than laughing in joy
of gaining Her attention.

Try laughing (really, give it a go)
Isn't it so much easier to forget now?

Now try laughing until you can't breathe,
Feel the tear ducts working their magic
Isn't it too painful NOT to breathe?

Such ironies
are probably the reason why
I write poems full to the brim
with negativities of emotions,
(as you have put it)

Poems that concentrate
on images of broken hearts
and of being torn apart (between)
leaving you now,
and crying foolishly
or to be left by you,
in life or in death,
and feel the loneliness embracing me,
like a fool.

But as the wise ones say,
Neruda, Jami, Keats, Whitman, Rumi:
they've all said it.

There is no beauty without ugliness,
and no pleasure without pain.

So certainly,
there is no me without you,
and there is no loss without gain.

3 poetic mutterings:

wan hazimah said...

such a beautiful poem miss! can i quote it? =)

Sheena Baharudin said...

of coz you can! so can promote poetry and my blog skali :D kekeke.

wan hazimah said...

hehehehe.... insya Allah.... the pleasure is mine, to promote ur blog. hehehehe=)